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The RPGSC is a community of Players and Storytellers working to Advance the Art of Gaming through Organized Play, the free exchange of ideas, and spreading awareness. It is the standing policy of the RPGSC to maintain a friendly, inclusive environment and to celebrate its diverse community

Anyone Can Join

We welcome players, new and old, from around the world

Organized Play

We run Organized Play RPGS, LCG/TCG, Board Games, and other Live Events to spread awareness and meet new people!

Online Community

Join our Forums, Facebook Groups, Google+ community or our Discord Server! https://discord.gg/b8WEPYs

Always Learning

Advancing the Art of Gaming through community, education, and experience

Players & Storytellers

Learn and teach the Art of Gaming, and spread the joy of Storytelling

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RPGSC Discord Server

04, Oct, 2017     0

The RPGSC has one purpose: to help people have fun playing role playing games. We do this by hosting games ourselves, building and developing persiste...

Tales from the Yawning Portal AL (Season 6)

05, Apr, 2017     0

D&D Adventurers League Play Since this season is already a series of shorter adventures (compared to the long campaigns of previous seasons), the...

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The Role Playing Game Storytellers Collegium (RPGSC) is made up of Players and Game Masters working to Advance the Art of Gaming through organized play, the free exchange of ideas, and education. Our members pursue these shared goals while working within a framework of mutual trust and respect.

Role Playing Game Storytellers Collegium



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