Constellations: The Game of Stargazing and the Night Sky

We are joined by Dr Dante Lauretta whose debut game, Xtronaut: The Game of Solar System Exploration, was launched on Kickstarter in October 2015. The game met with huge success, being named a Best Family Board Game for 2016 by Good Housekeeping magazine, a Top-5 STEM Toy by City Kids magazine, an Awesome Math Game by MathsInsider, the Top Solar System For Kids Science Toy from Fractus […]

Xtronaut:: The Game of Solar System Exploration

Welcome back to the quest. I don’t sound like I have a ton of energy in this episode (was fighting the plague), but I got to sit down and talk with Dante Lauretta, the creator of a new board game, Xtronaut, that is really taking off (pun intended). The audio gets a little cattywampus in a couple of spots, but it was a good time […]

Folklore: The Affliction (Interview with Will Donovan)

I talk with Will Donovan of Twinfire games about their new game, Folklore: The Affliction, a new project they are working on with Greenbrier games! We have a few technical difficulties, but this sounds like a great game. Embark on a cooperative epic adventure that is Folklore the Affliction. Find and destroy the source of the evil spreading its claws into the heart of the […]

Revisiting Realm Works (With Liz Theis)

I am joined, once again by Liz Theis, the Community Development Manager over at Lone Wolf Development. Liz was on the show WAY back in April 2014 to talk about Realm Works, a tool designed to help managing your campaigns. You can find our original interview at (and I’ll have a link in the show notes to that) Let’s talk about the Player edition: […]

Revelations of Jeff Combos

We are back! And we are kicking off our new series with a interview of the creator of Hollow Earth Expedition RPG. We talk about everything from his formative years through his newest release, Revelations of Mars. Learn more here: Purchase Hollow Earth Expeditions Exile Games Studio “A dying world plagued by ceaseless conflict smolders in the night sky, home to the revelations of Mars. This […]

Firefly RPG

I know the sound quality isn’t great on this episode…I am working to figure out the problem. The post Firefly RPG appeared first on The Quest.

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