Tips for GMing

The Quest is back (Sorta)! I know it has been a long time since we had an episode up, but today I am here to give a few tips about GMing. Before we talk a lot about that though, lets talk about the future of the Quest. This show has a lot of potential content we can talk about in the future, but I think […]

New GM Tashi

I am your host, Dr RPG Jeff Harvey and you can follow me, and the show, on Facebook and Twitter @IRNerdivore. We didn’t have much of a plan for this one…so the notes are lame. Just listen up and I hope you enjoy the show. The post New GM Tashi appeared first on The Quest.

Interview with Liz Theis about RealmWorks

I am your host, Dr RPG Jeff Harvey and you can follow me, and the show, on Facebook and Twitter @IRNerdivore. Today I have got a great guest for y’all! I am joined today by Liz Theis, the Community Development Manager over at Lone Wolf Development, and she is here to talk a little bit about a great new tool for all you GM’s out […]

Being the GM

This episode is brought to you in part by, With more than 150,000 titles to choose from, there is something for everyone! You can listen to all your favorite audiobooks on your iPhone, Android, Kindle or other mp3 device, and now, Audible is going to give you a 30 days free trial AND you get a FREE audiobook download, just for listening to this […]

World of Darkness

Introdution Hello and welcome to the Quest; the show where we talk about role-playing in all of its forms, from table-top to LARP and even Cosplay. This is where we offer tips and trick to role-players, new and old, hero or GM, and where we share our passion for role playing and collaborative storytelling with you. I am your host, Jeff Harvey.  You can follow […]

The Quest Season 2 Episode 4: Superhero RPGs

In this episode we talk about the pro’s and con’s of the SuperHero gaming genre. I am joined by Derek, Laura, and Evelyn. News Here is a link to the Vin Diesel interview we shared: We talked about Ice Cube’s reaction to reading a D&D novel. Well, here is a follow-up, because Ice wants you to know that he’s cool with Gary Gygax’s crowning achievement. “I […]

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