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So...A few months back I started a ToG campaign on Fantasy Grounds. I shelled out all the money for the biggest, bestest version of FG and ALL of the D&D adventures. I gathered some players together from all around the world on Discord, and we got to playing.

I read a lot of reviews of ToG, and I already owned the books. It seems there where a lot of complaints that the first part of the HotDQ was way to hard, and the first dragon encounter seemed forced, and kinda silly.

It took my players 3 full online sessions (about 6 hours each) to play through the first chapter. Granted, some of that time was learning the FG software and helping everyone get characters settled in.

In those three sessions, they fought cultists, goblins, and a half-dragon, all under the ever watchful gaze of a great Blue Dragon that playfully toyed with the city guards, townsfolk, and stray goblin. When it came time to face this flying murder machine...I simply thrashed the parties bravest (using the half-dragon), and left the city.

Why? Because, no matter what the power scale of a game is, 3 or 4 first level characters have no chance against an adult dragon...but, that doesn't mean its a stupid encounter.

See, I read a lot of reviews, and I think most of them had the impression that the dragon was there to be fought. I disagree. I felt the dragon was there to an element of urgency to the scenes, and to create a sense of scope for the players.

The PC's aren't supposed to fight the dragon, that's what the goblins are for. The Half-Dragon is here to create plausible henchmen, and the dragon is just there to remind the players of what the future holds.

Have you played ToG? What did you think of that scene, and how did you handle it? 

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