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RPGSC Discord Server

The RPGSC has one purpose: to help people have fun playing role playing games. We do this by hosting games ourselves, building and developing persistent story lines, and by welcoming and giving training to new players and people who want to play. To that end, we have created the RPGSC Discord Server! The only requirement for membership is a desire to play role playing games. […]

Tales from the Yawning Portal AL (Season 6)

D&D Adventurers League Play Since this season is already a series of shorter adventures (compared to the long campaigns of previous seasons), the D&D Adventurers League will release modules that tie into several of the Tales from the Yawning Portal adventures. The six adventures are directly tied to an adventure as a sequel, a prequel, or expand on some aspect of it. In addition, three […]


Hello everyone! We are very happy to announce that RPGSC is going to be at MidWest Media Expo (M2X) on April 28, 29 and 30 2017 in Dearborn Michigan! We will be running a number of panels, interviews with guests, and maybe, just maybe running a few Adventure League tables in the gaming room (TBD). Join us for the following: Friday April 28th RPG Improv- […]

Constellations: The Game of Stargazing and the Night Sky

We are joined by Dr Dante Lauretta whose debut game, Xtronaut: The Game of Solar System Exploration, was launched on Kickstarter in October 2015. The game met with huge success, being named a Best Family Board Game for 2016 by Good Housekeeping magazine, a Top-5 STEM Toy by City Kids magazine, an Awesome Math Game by MathsInsider, the Top Solar System For Kids Science Toy from Fractus […]

Our First Adventure

This week, we ran our first adventure as the RPGSC, and it was great! We had a modest turnout of 7 players, some veterans, and a lot of first timers. This was exactly what we had been hoping for! We would like to thank everyone that came out, and hope everyone had a great time! We got some great feedback from everyone, and we have […]

Upcoming: Storm King’s Thunder

February 23rd is fast approaching. The RPGSC’s first foray into Organized Play begins with Storm King’s Thunder, and we are extremely excited to get started! This 256 page, sandbox style story is a true “Sword Coast Adventure”. Giants have emerged from their strongholds to threaten civilization as never before. Hill giants are stealing all the grain and livestock they can, while stone giants have been […]

Bugs Hunt

Hello again! This has been a big week for the RPGSC. We launched the website, we launched on Facebook, we’re squashing bugs, and we are moving forward with our first Organized Play event on February 23rd at Fun-4-All Comics and Games!! If you want to reserve a seat for Strom Kings Thunder, go to our event page and reserve your spot. It’s free to play! We […]

So, What is the RPGSC?

Hello, and welcome to the Role Playing Game Storytellers Collegium. We are a community of players and game masters working together to Advance the Art of Role-Playing. Through Organized Play, the free exchange of ideas and opinions, and spreading awareness, we can reduce stigma, dispel myths, and shatter stereotypes; all while supporting and growing our hobby. Ok…so what does that even mean? Role-playing is a fun, engaging, […]

Xtronaut:: The Game of Solar System Exploration

Welcome back to the quest. I don’t sound like I have a ton of energy in this episode (was fighting the plague), but I got to sit down and talk with Dante Lauretta, the creator of a new board game, Xtronaut, that is really taking off (pun intended). The audio gets a little cattywampus in a couple of spots, but it was a good time […]

Folklore: The Affliction (Interview with Will Donovan)

I talk with Will Donovan of Twinfire games about their new game, Folklore: The Affliction, a new project they are working on with Greenbrier games! We have a few technical difficulties, but this sounds like a great game. Embark on a cooperative epic adventure that is Folklore the Affliction. Find and destroy the source of the evil spreading its claws into the heart of the […]

Revisiting Realm Works (With Liz Theis)

I am joined, once again by Liz Theis, the Community Development Manager over at Lone Wolf Development. Liz was on the show WAY back in April 2014 to talk about Realm Works, a tool designed to help managing your campaigns. You can find our original interview at http://thequest.geekfeedshow.com/liztheis (and I’ll have a link in the show notes to that) Let’s talk about the Player edition: […]

Revelations of Jeff Combos

We are back! And we are kicking off our new series with a interview of the creator of Hollow Earth Expedition RPG. We talk about everything from his formative years through his newest release, Revelations of Mars. Learn more here: Purchase Hollow Earth Expeditions Exile Games Studio “A dying world plagued by ceaseless conflict smolders in the night sky, home to the revelations of Mars. This […]

Firefly RPG

I know the sound quality isn’t great on this episode…I am working to figure out the problem. The post Firefly RPG appeared first on The Quest.

Tips for GMing

The Quest is back (Sorta)! I know it has been a long time since we had an episode up, but today I am here to give a few tips about GMing. Before we talk a lot about that though, lets talk about the future of the Quest. This show has a lot of potential content we can talk about in the future, but I think […]

New GM Tashi

I am your host, Dr RPG Jeff Harvey and you can follow me, and the show, on Facebook and Twitter @IRNerdivore. We didn’t have much of a plan for this one…so the notes are lame. Just listen up and I hope you enjoy the show. The post New GM Tashi appeared first on The Quest.

Interview with Liz Theis about RealmWorks

I am your host, Dr RPG Jeff Harvey and you can follow me, and the show, on Facebook and Twitter @IRNerdivore. Today I have got a great guest for y’all! I am joined today by Liz Theis, the Community Development Manager over at Lone Wolf Development, and she is here to talk a little bit about a great new tool for all you GM’s out […]

Being the GM

This episode is brought to you in part by, audible.com. With more than 150,000 titles to choose from, there is something for everyone! You can listen to all your favorite audiobooks on your iPhone, Android, Kindle or other mp3 device, and now, Audible is going to give you a 30 days free trial AND you get a FREE audiobook download, just for listening to this […]

World of Darkness

Introdution Hello and welcome to the Quest; the show where we talk about role-playing in all of its forms, from table-top to LARP and even Cosplay. This is where we offer tips and trick to role-players, new and old, hero or GM, and where we share our passion for role playing and collaborative storytelling with you. I am your host, Jeff Harvey.  You can follow […]

The Quest Season 2 Episode 4: Superhero RPGs

In this episode we talk about the pro’s and con’s of the SuperHero gaming genre. I am joined by Derek, Laura, and Evelyn. News Here is a link to the Vin Diesel interview we shared: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=609850602429012 We talked about Ice Cube’s reaction to reading a D&D novel. Well, here is a follow-up, because Ice wants you to know that he’s cool with Gary Gygax’s crowning achievement. “I […]

S2-E3: Live Action Role-Playing!

News Darkest Dungeon dev launches $75K Kickstarter (Original Article) Ex Ubisoft, EA Devs Reveal Ambitious RPG: ReRol (Original Article) Live Action Role-Playing! Google Search this stuff! There is a world of information. We talk about the fear of LARPing, the community of LARPing…and so much more! LARP Related Amazon goodies! The post S2-E3: Live Action Role-Playing! appeared first on The Quest.

S2E2: The Quest – Powergaming

News D&D turns 40 this February! Here a good article ABC News D&D Yoga report! There should be some major nerd rage about how this article starts out! GET-EM!!! FFG Age of Rebellion Set to be released in Q2….my guess is around June. And that means Force and Destiny should be in Beta by August!!! Here is a link to the FFG Release General Discussion […]

S2E1: The Quest – Gaming Culture

Hello and welcome to Season 2 of The Quest! New music, new way of doing things, same old non-sense! Lets get right to it! News Apparently a new documentary is on its way that explores the origin of the game, and the story of its creators, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. The film is called The Great Kingdom, and there is currently no release date, […]

S1E11: The Quest – Inter-player Relationships

In this episode we talk a little bit about how players interact with each other and how their characters feel about each other and their NPC counterparts. The show notes for this episode are very bad…I know. Here is a copy of the FFG Star Wars RPG Age of Rebellion Beta book: http://www.miniaturemarket.com/ffgbta006.html I did not do a “final thought” for this episode, but here it […]

S1E10: The Quest – NPC’s

The show notes for this episode are lackluster due to time constraints. We recorded on Friday September 20th and I needed to get the show up quickly and had little time to edit and all that…so sorry for the abridged notes! Will do better next show. The Quest for News! http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/2013/09/14/78356/ Melior Via has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund Accursed, their fantasy RPG […]

S1E9: The Quest – Building Your Campaign

The Quest for News From RPGNEWS.com Last Man Standing (1 of 16 in UNFASHIONED CREATURES) Hey, you got Zombies in my Frankenstein! In the midst of an undead apocalypse, one scientist tries to sustain the human race by cloning himself (again.) Unfortunately, things don’t work out exactly as planned. But then, do they ever? In Last Man Standing, writer Monica Valentinelli and artist Josie Pi […]

Special Episode: The Quest for a Happy Birthday!

We wanna wish a Happy birthday to Laura! Yeah, Saturday is the actual day, but whatever! The post Special Episode: The Quest for a Happy Birthday! appeared first on The Quest.

S1E8: The Quest – Death and Dying

This episode DOES contain SPOILERS!!!! This episode was recirded on Friday September 6th, 2013! We had a lot more planned for this eppisode, but my Joss Whedon rant took up a lot of time. We will cover this topic again in season 2! The Quest for News http://mashable.com/2013/07/01/lucas-cultural-arts-museum/ Lucas has been working behind the scenes on his proposed Cultural Arts Museum — not just a […]

S1E7: The Quest -Conflict Changes Characters

The Quest for News From: EscapistMagazine.com Minecraft has been a work in progress for its entire existence.  In the current version, the many different terrain biomes are often placed awkwardly next to each other, with deserts randomly juxtaposed against arctic tundra. Meanwhile, massive oceans interrupt the typical brick-breaking gameplay and force players to either avoid them or slowly sail through. In a blog update, lead […]

S1E6: The Quest – PhysReps and Gaming Aids

Physical Representations & Gaming Aids While I don’t normally use minis in games I run, they can certainly have an enhancing effect for many players. Don’t let them become the focus though. Minis are intended to make the game more fun, not to become the game. If you hvae ever seen it, take a look at HeroQuest! Fun game, although a littly pricy now-a-days. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1311.R1.TR8.TRC1.A0.XHeroQuest&_nkw=heroquest&_sacat=0&_from=R40 […]

S1E5: The Quest – Distractions in Role-Playing

Distractions There are a lot of things that can cause distractions. Infact…we were so distracted with this episode, we didn’t even do hardly any prep and only managed to get about half a show! More will come though…so don’t fret. Mitigating Distraction TURN THE TV OFF Don’t be a dick! You know… Final Thoughts LISTEN TO THE SHOW….I did bad show notes this time. Sorry! […]

S1E4: The Quest – Gaming Systems

We found some nice treasure while Questing for the latest RPG related news: Here is some quick RPG News! CCP Games CCP Games, creators of the successful space MMORPG EVE Online, have announced they will be harvesting stories from within the game to create comic books, a TV series, and possibly even films set in the EVE universe. EVE has never set records for the size of its userbase, but it’s […]

S1E3 – The Quest: Parties & Characters

We found some nice treasure while Questing for the latest RPG related news: http://www.talltalesrpg.com/ http://www.l5r.com/2013/07/19/q-workshop-and-aeg-announce-l5r-dice/ http://www.margaretweis.com/shop#!/~/product/category=5447006&id=22891059 Alignment Remember that your alignment is a tool to help you role-play, not a leash to limit you. There are aspects of alignment that will restrain your character and make you, the player, consider that the actions you are contemplating might not be what your character would do. Role-playing […]

S1E2 The Quest: New Players

Getting into Role-Playing can be a daunting task. There are a few things you need to understand before you start playing in any game. Things to Remember Remember, it’s just a game and games are meant to be fun for everyone that plays.If you are not having fun, don’t ruin it for everyone else. Be on time! Nothing will anger your GM faster than being […]

S1E1 – The Quest: Character Creation

Building Your Concept Ego Types The Innocent Motto: Free to be you and me Core desire: to get to paradise Goal: to be happy Greatest fear: to be punished for doing something bad or wrong Strategy: to do things right Weakness: boring for all their naive innocence Talent: faith and optimism The Innocent is also known as: Utopian, traditionalist, naive, mystic, saint, romantic, dreamer. The […]

S1E0 – The Quest: What is LARP

Series:  1 – Episode: 0 – What is LARP Show Notes We would like to welcome you all our “pilot episode” of the The Quest. In this episode you will note that we called it “The Quest: Advancing Live-Action Role-Playing”; following this first episode we have decided to expand beyond just LARP and into all Role-Playing, including LARP, Table-Top, CosPlay, and anything else RP related. […]

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