S2E2: The Quest – Powergaming


D&D turns 40 this February!

Here a good article

ABC News D&D Yoga report!

There should be some major nerd rage about how this article starts out! GET-EM!!!

FFG Age of Rebellion

Set to be released in Q2....my guess is around June. And that means Force and Destiny should be in Beta by August!!!

Here is a link to the FFG Release

General Discussion

This episode we try and talk a little bit about powergaming...but really what we did was ramble a lot and fall asleep partway through the show! Stupid gas leaks...could'a kilt someboty!

All in all, we felt this episode was a little lacking and the subject worth revisiting at a later date! We do get some good points across though, and you should listen to us fail at podcasting!

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